In history Fethiye was known as the "Untouched Virgin of the land of lights" and today it is as if all the magnificence of the entire Mediterranean was concentrated in the bay of Fethiye. Its islands, coves, long sandy beaches, and the entire riches of its history and natural beauty are before you to explore. The most impressive ancient ruins, the best sites for paragliding and water sports, most magnificent bays and beaches come together at Fethiye, along with mouth watering gastronomy.

Fethiye has the atmosphere of an open air museum created by the tombs cut in the steep rocks and tall sarcophagi with intricately carved reliefs standing above ground. The Lycian tombs and sarcophagi and the small Roman Theater are the remains of the ancient city of Telmessos which once overlooked the now modern town. The grave of Amyntas, which is accepted as the symbol of the city, is immediately noticeable on the rock face back drop of the city centre.

The site is a traditional market town set around a beautiful natural harbor with a variety of shops in the narrow streets of the bazaar area.  Boats depart from here for day trips touring the beautiful coves and islands of the Gulf of Fethiye, with breaks for lunch and swimming.  There are a number of hotels in the town itself, which mostly attract visitors who enjoy the traditional lifestyle and also like the fact that the location is sea level and easy to get around.  This area is also lively in the evening with a multitude of Turkish bars and live music.

Ölüdeniz is the archetypal picture-postcard beach backed by dramatic pine-clad hills. Literally translated as 'dead sea', the stunning lagoon is a protected area, ensuring that its natural beauty is preserved. There is a small entrance charge to use the lagoon beach and only non-motorised watersports are allowed. The main resort beach is a long stretch of coarse sand and shingle beach known as Belceğiz

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